Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I had been to the Grand Palais already was amazed by the way that the architecture was highlighted by the exhibit, but this was a new found love and appreciation for the architecture for this building. I just can't believe how much this exhibit show cased this building in a modern way. It got me soo excited about architecture, the emphasis on the shadows of the architecture and seeing this building in a different and wonderful way. Anish Kapoor is the artist of this interactive sculpture, that has been able to capture the highlight this building in the best possible way! I have not really studied the work of Anish Kapoor and I am kicking myself for this, while I was there I bought several books on him and his installations, I also bought a movie that I watched today and it was truly inspiring Anish Kapoor talks about The three things that goes into creating abstract art:

SCALE: mysterious bigness, smallness is profoundly confusing, keep readjusting our self to what is real

SPACE: real and imagined dream space example

TIME: affects both space and scale, art make time see a lot longer enter in a dream space, can be intended in work and allowed to play a role

This relates exactly what we are analyzing while we are here in paris. After looking at the Grand Palais I can't wait to further dive into what other exhibits have used the building to emphasis the structure and look at the history of this building for my art history research paper.

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