Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Paul Cezeanne Jesus Pose

Paul Cezeanne's L'avovat (Ou l' Oncle Dominque.
visual eye candy savory colors, paint is layred like lushes frosting.
A three inch gold colored frame incases this 5x8 painting. Background is beaten through the ages, a white background with spots of peeling paint. Figure is dressed like a judge or a laywer, giving the Jesus finger pose, the expression is sorrowfull like a saint.

The figure makes a triangle shape in the composition, and the space around him makes two upside down triangles on either side of him.

The wall the painting was on was gridded stone that had this mixture of subtle warm and cool colors in it giving the painting a more classical mood.

The Floor plan was a simple rectangle shape, the orange marks are where the paintings are. The space was open and airer, the space between each painting gives them all their own identity.

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