Sunday, June 5, 2011

Corbusier's Maison la Roche

 Today was dedicated to modern architecture. We started the day by walking through both Corbusier's Studio and Apartment. I was particularly interested in these buildings because of my previous experience with Maison de Verre. Construction of Maison de Verre and Maison la Roche started only three years apart. With the latter starting in 1925 and the former in 1928. I was not expecting the differences in these buildings to be so great. Despite the 83 years since the construction of Maison de Verre it still feels like a high tech, modern building. It still feels more modern than most houses built today. On the other hand Corbusier's Maison la Roche feels like a home which is in the transition between two architectural styles. It has the angular qualities of a modern building but some of the fixtures make it feel like a typical home from the 1920's. Maison de Verre does expose some of the electrical wiring and plumbing. On the other hand the design of Maison la Roche does not try to obscure any of the wiring or plumbing. In fact it is designed to showcase it as a type of ornament. However, I feel that Corbusier does not show the technology of a home in a adequate manner. Maison de Verre feels like a modern building, because it is a modern building. I has forced air heating and a modern electrical system. Corbusier's buildings feel old because of the antiquated sinks, toilets, radiators and flooring. Overall, I was much more comfortable in Maison de Verre. I felt more of a connection to both the space, the quality of lighting and the muted color palette.

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