Monday, June 6, 2011

Le Cinematheque Francaise

The film that we saw at Le Cinematheque today is named L'ange (Angel) and it was filmed by Patrick Bokanowski in 1982. The score was written by his wife, Michele Boknowski.

To say the least, this film is Avant Garde. The film rides through a mixture of narrative and abstraction with the use of still images, repetitious sequences, figures moving in staccato paces, abrupt scenes of distorted representation, and purely non-objective scenes.

The entire film seems similar to dream sequences for a few reasons. Time is suspended in a non-linear realm where figures jolt rapidly back and forth while repeating motions and tasks, and sometimes traveling in reverse. In moments multiple exposure is used to show the figures in several places at the same time. Then of course there is the undeniable fact that some of the sequences didn't seem feasible in any way. It was a very surreal film.

I found a small clip of the first sequence from the film on youtube and here is a link to that.

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