Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 12 - Bibliotheque Nationale of France vs Cinematheque Francaise

Today we went to the National library of France and the Cinematheque Francaise. These buildings are like night and day, the two have completely different characters. The cold controled sharpness of the modren Library agaisnt the curved, subtle stone of the Cinematheque, these two buildings are only a brigde away and that tension between that space is on fire.

For me as a person this type of architecture is very threating and distant. The space is eliminated of any life, and is keeping a good job of not inviting it. The building to me was not at all inviting, the worst part of this building was the caged underground piece of forest in the center of the space. Its like its trying to say that it controls nature and will always control it.

After leaving the library and taking a short trip across a brigde, you are greeted by a lush green park and at the end of this park is the Cinematheque. The layout of this space is very inviting and warm, the building is made of a large creme brick, there are towers that escape into the sky and round off. These elements echo that of a castle, I enjoy this bulding much more then the libaray because I am not theatened and am being invited into the space. I don't often look or compare architecture, but hands down the Cinemathque wins. I do not want the future to be filled with cold and thearting buildings.

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