Sunday, June 5, 2011

Some of these things are just like the other...

Today was filled with interesting buildings, some mannequin body parts, and some wonderful art. I really enjoyed drawing at the George Pompidou. I was most struck by the first painting I chose, a piece called Le Velo by Alain Sechas in 1983. It is a bike, well thats melting. I was struck by how it seems to just be sliding off the page, or dripping. The second piece Ichose, just across the room is called Kerze by Peter Fischli and David Weiss in 1986-1987. It is a piece of drift wood, covered in black, paint orashI'm notsure, sitting on a white pedestal. At a first glance, they do not have much in common but when analyzing the two, especially on a 2D level, they are very similar, as Eric pointed out. The wood seems to be reaching to the left of the pedestal with spindly fingers of wood stretching out. The painting is "dripping" to the bottom of the canvas, both seem to have this invisible force acting agains them. The shadows and shading are very important to both works, it shows the curves and lines of the forms and gives them both depth. This is more important in the painting, because it is only black on a white background. The wood piece is very knottedand mangled and the black color of it almost diminishes the cracks and knots until I took a closer look.

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