Friday, June 3, 2011

The Tristian Tzara House

Boy, not what I was anticipating...

I expected a white box with windows, basically. But when we approached, that was definitely not the case. The way the building is divided by materiality was the most striking feature I first noticed. The stone clad bottom seemed very heavy, while the stucco top was almost out of sight. It seems odd that Adolf Loos' goal was to get
rid of decoration, but the stone seems to be a decoration in its self. The small windows also get lost on the facade, and being a building in Paris tucked directly next to the neighboring building, wouldn't you think the front windows would be larger to let in more light and fresh air? This house has a much different approach and purpose than the Maison du Ver. Both were built around the same time, and couldn't be more different or have different intentions. Not that I know what the Tzara house is like inside, my only observation from looking at the facade and right wall, is that it must be dark! I like rustic with a modern edge, but this isn't quite that...

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