Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Post 2 of 2 Pompidou

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The angled line leading your eye up and across the corner of the wall to the next piece on the next wall which lines up with the grid of picture frames in the next piece. Not only that, the two being on separate walls, both start at the same level up from the floor. So here my second and third piece have two lines that lead your eye to my third piece. Nicely done!

I feel this piece, not only because of how the curator set these pieces up to fit together, actually fits with the other pieces that I chose. They are all with in the neutral family of color (black, white, tan), they all deal with form and line. There are 60 photographs in these frames of parisian's interiors. Take this back to my first piece which feels like a staged room of someones home with the furniture and the painting. Overall, the nice flow from a furniture set up, a painting, and then the frames framing interiors all works very nicely together in this room of the Pompidou.

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