Saturday, June 4, 2011

Abstract Paintings-1900-1930s

Musee D'Art Moderne De La Ville De Paris-Robert Deannay-1885-1941
- L'equipe De Cardiff Huile sur tuile, 1912-1913, Achat A L'
artiste, 1937.

Cubist Painter

Pulling it apart there are 14 main sections through out the paintin
g. Also I counted 8 uses of color, different shades.

The main focus: The yellow box with typography in it. Use of
warm colors combined. All the other squares are cool colors.

The alignment of the type below the title is perfectly aligned from A to A giving it a nice gridded structure, which plays off all the gridded sections through out the painting.

This section stands out the most because its the only yellow section and the typeface is a serif, while the other typography in the painting is a sans serif.

This piece is 12 feet high and 8 feet wide.
Structure meets organic

While looking at this pie
ce for about an hour I noticed about 5 different things happening through out the painting.
1. Boxes with typography in them.
2. Eiffel Tower.
3. 3-D Boxes floating in the top of the painting.
4. Rugby game going on. Each of the figures playing rugby had its own color scheme.
5. Ferris wheel.

The circular form of the ferris wheel aligns with the Eiffel tower.

Drawing your eye down the piece towards the figures.

The only frustration part is in the middle of the piece. Conflicting composition between section.

I started to play with the typography and replicate it as well as figure out the placement of it.

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