Thursday, June 2, 2011

Secret Garden

I really enjoyed all the green space we say today. The lush contrast between the gardens and the bright red of the Musee du quai Branly was quite striking. I am an outside girl, and just being in the space was calming. I know Eric said something about humans and their subconscious needing green space, and I believe that one hundred percent. I feel much better when I can get outside and frolic!

I especially liked the way the wind blew the plants and g
rasses, creating a sort of white noise to block out any hint that its located in a city. In fact, in the little alcove of benches we ate lunch at, the height of the plants even blocked much of the city scape from view!

The lights among the plants were also cool, not that they were on, but Eric said they change colors, which clearly would be sweet!

Overall, I just really enjoyed seeing nature again. The green wall was amazing as well. I lov
e urban settings, but, boy, do I miss nature!!!

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