Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Studio & Apartment of Le Corbusier

I really enjoyed the feeling I got when I was in Le Corbusier's Studio and Apartment; it surprised me because when we first went into Maison la Roche, I didn't really feel comfortable there. I expected a similar feeling at the apartment, especially after all those stairs I was kind of unexcited. But, I was pleasantly surprised! It was a nice scale, I felt very comfortable in the space, and thought the layout made much more sense than the Maison la Roche. The view was beautiful, which only made the space reach out towards it. I found the bedroom interesting, the tall bed to get the skyline view, the closets that were boxes within the room, the odd shower, but the scale was comforting. I could picture myself living there and going about my daily life. The most spectacular part of the apartment, for me, was the studio. It was the same size as the master bedroom and dining room combined, and had a beautiful stone wall on the far wall. The light that came through the windows was also picturesque, just the right amount of sunlight pours through the curtained windows to allow the user to work throughout the day, and the desk nook in the back just made me want to sit down and begin writing or drawing or SOMETHING! It was cozy, I am not sure how else to describe the feeling I had. It was like I was in an old building when I was in that studio, in touch with history and innovation all at the same time. The pictures of Le Corbusier were also comforting, to see him in the same space, the way he had it organized, which was very messy, was neat to see. It humanized him, we learn about these famous architects and designers in school and they just seem so wonderful, like they do no wrong and are so successful, but the photos of his messy work space, and him without a shirt in his element were oddly refreshing! Over all, it was a very interesting space, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing his personal home and workspace.

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  1. do you know where I could find floor plans and sections of this building ive been looking for a while now with no such luck