Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Art!

This Metro station was commissioned by the Parisian government to the artist Hector Guimard. He created multiple stations in different renditions within the style of Art Nouveau. Present day only two originals exist from the time they were commissioned, 1900.

Guimard creates an eclectic station that grabs from different aspects of art... Design, sculpture, drawing, painting, architecture etc. He also brings elements of each discipline specially symmetry. The station may appear symmetrical but once we were up close and personal it wasn't. He gave us hints of symmetry but the more time we spent with the piece more hints of asymmetry were noticed. Small details in the metal work were slightly different then its mirror image. Also Dealing with the main inspiration of art Nouveau, mother nature. The main linear aspects of the station resemble trees, the light that is available comes from above. Organic. Is it new?

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