Friday, June 3, 2011

Robert Delaunay At the Musee d' Art Moderne

Being a person who is interested in color theory, this painting automatically interested me. The geometric shapes and "flat" application of paint seen from a distance make the painting initially seem to be relatively flat. However upon a much closer observation, the painting proves itself to be extremely active and spacial.

I found that the best way to look at this painting was in comparing color relationships within the piece. For example, in the upper right quarter of the painting there is a circular shape with blue and red flanking a yellow circle. surrounding the red is an area of white paint and then some connected areas of red. Due to color relations, the red involved in the circular shape described appears to be brighter than the red space near it.

Similar uses of color theory are used to create spacial ambiguity in the painting. Certain areas push themselves forward while others recede backwards and sometimes this happens in different areas of the same band of lines even further confusing space.

I think the spacial ambiguity also has a lot to do with the line placement and the overlapping of lines.

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