Friday, June 3, 2011

Chareau 2

Not going to lie that I did not have high expectations for todays adventure, but I am quite happy to say that I was quite wrong. Walking in to the furniture gallery of the Musee d'Art moderne was most definitely the highlight of my day. Seeing the work of
Pierre Chareau again after seeing his " house of glass " ( forgot how to spell the french word) and being able to draw the connections was just perfect for me. Its really incredible how much faster I'm learning this way.

Studding the rigid, flat bent steel frame was a dead give away that is was Chareau's before I even saw the name plate. I really enjoyed finding the connections between his love of ships and trains and how integrated them in to the design. notice how the legs bend flat when the hit the floor so that they could be bolted down if the needed to be, like on a ship or a train. also the sliding doors on the cabinet lock. the mirror is on a hinge so that is can be pushed back against the wall to make more space within the room, also a handy feature if on a train or boat. There is also a swiveling shelf that can be pushed in underneath the vanity table top. Which can be seen slightly turned out. Im still looking for more hidden features with in this piece, but for further information check out Kyle's post, he did the sister piece to this one.

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