Saturday, June 4, 2011

Turn the Corner and.......

As we were walking on our Art Nouveau tour, a contemporary building caught my eye. Not only was it an modern building surrounded 19th century buildings, but it was an elementary school. This particularly intriguing to me because this is what my thesis is going to be next year. I am going to be working on a nature preschool. The materials used were similar to some of the materials that I would want to incorporate in my building. This also related to what we as a class were talking about yesterday. Scale and how a large building can use architectural elements to bring it down to a human scale, to make this building not ominous and over powering. After talking with Eric about this, I had a sense of what he was referring to but this building was such a great example of this. There are five different levels, which allows for this human scale. The two over hangs, the two boxes and the roof terrace.

I was also really drawn to the way that this contemporary building connected by a wood and glass bridge to a more traditional Parisian building. I am considering connecting my new building to an already existing building. I am very interested in look at what further connections these buildings have and why the work so harmoniously together.

I am looking forward to analyzing this building and seeing what elements I can take for inspirations!!

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