Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 10-Purism in Architecture

Le Corbusier-Masion La Roche

White Exterior
Black Framed windows
Private and Covenant
Middle of dead end
2 servant entry ways
1 main entry way

This house was made for one person, bachelor pad.
38 colors throughout the house itself. The walls are not white, they are almost like a light peach color which gives it a palette
cleanse after walking through the bedrooms that are FULL of color.

When walking up these stairways in the house h
ouse you experience curved walls to go along with the way you curve your body when walking to the next part of stairs. The curved handles on the stairway help get you of the stairs or at-least that is how I experienced it. My hand smoothly went over it allowing me to keep going at the pace I was going at.

The stairways are very narrow because it was only made for one person to climb them seeing that it was made for one person not multiply

I believe that this house is very abstrac
t and avant guard because you dont see houses like this
where the ceilings are shorter, wire netting protecting the cut out windows by the hallways. The windows were long and skinny and some of them were ribbon windows as well.

Quick Sketch of the curved up stair ways that had NO steps allowing you to view the gallery that was on the

First Attempt at a floor plan. I was NOT having fun at first, but I started to understand the art of it and it became fun.

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