Saturday, June 4, 2011

What you thinking?

The Thinker! This is a section from the Gates from Hell a sculpture made by Rodin. There are multiple figures in the gates that create different scenes moving your eye through the piece in an interesting way cause there is so much happening we don't know where to place the eye. What really captured me was the great sense of gravity that is displayed in the falling bodies. He really captured the feel of falling or weightlessness and the contrast created between the heaviness of the material and the scale of it.

Chaos is amongst the people, and here is this guy on the top of the door simply contemplating. What is he thinking about? That is probably why he is such a popular figure in the works of Rodin. He is in deep thought while the atmosphere around him is falling apart and he is a central figure that does not seem to be affected by anything in his own realm.

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