Friday, June 3, 2011

La Danse De Paris (The Dance of Paris)

La Danse De Paris 1931 -1933 by Henri Matisse. Made up of three canvas, the shape of the canvas gives this feel of architecture. There are six moving throughout the picture panel continuously being cut off. The bodies themsevles are becoming reliefs. The woman are surrounded by pink blue and black giving the bodies a dynamic feel.

This was really fun to draw and not just because its got a few colors and shapes but it made me feel really happy.

The blue is in the same spot in all of the panels indicating a type of rythme. The piece does remind me of sheet music, the marks in the body like the breast and lines of the back, and the flow of the contour lines echo music notes. Its strange to see how the color works in the piece like the black is the only color that gives the figures volume, the pink and blue don't seem to pop, and make the bodies look flat, but the pink and black makes everything vibrate.

The lines inside the bodies look like a type of language.

The painting was about ten feet off the ground which gives it this amazing view, it makes the viewer become a part of the piece, it invite them to dance with them.

Were the painting was placed in the room it was the only other painting in the room expect for one right across form it. The painting was big enough to cover a whole wall, I don't know the exact sizes but it was more then overwhelming.

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