Friday, June 10, 2011

Cinematheque Francaise-L'ange Film

L'ange was filmed by Patrick Bokanowski.

The film was about an hour long and through out the film there were many sequences. Each sequence was arranged in a way where a staircase was always involved. The stairway appreared was in the first sequence and Bokanowski made it that the staircase showed up in each sceen, making it more mythical than literal. Each sequence had its own theme.

It was very hard to focus on this film, having b
eing exhausted through out the day and being in a dark room with very intense dark music playing, but at the same time relaxing becaus
e I kept falling asleep.

I think this movie was a series of dreams. I
think this because I was falling asleep every 10 minutes and then I would wake up again. My eyes sort of went with the lighting of the
movie. When lights would flash I would slowly close my eyes and dose of for awhile and when it got brighter and louder I would wake up to a whole new scene.

This was a scene where there were men charging at a woman
that was naked in a glass box. From what I can remember in
each scene, they repeated alot of the same movements. Some
were faster than others, but most of the time it was like it was
being put on rewind and fast forward.

Finally, a visually stunning passage of projected light reflecting off a series of mirrors introduces The Angel’s final sequence, of beings on a huge staircase filmed from below; the beings seem to be ascending toward some higher realm.

Great film overall and very visually stimulating. All the action and different ways of using light and music through out the film make it 10 times better than if it were just filmed straight through. Very artistic and demented.


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