Sunday, June 5, 2011

Brancusi, and the Pompidou

Today was a sensory overload. The Pompidou center was quite the experience. Beforehand, we made a small visit to the Brancusi exhibit. I had never really been exposed to much of his work (save for the "Bird in Space" piece), so it was interesting to walk into a space filled with pieces that were not all too familiar, with copies of a more familiar work throughout the mock studio.

I really enjoyed Brancusi's figures, especially the different versions of "the muse". His works are highly stylized and very meditative. They are geometric, yet they are perfectly natural in their formation and creation. I think I had an immediate positive response to his handling of the human face, mainly because I saw that reflected in my style of illustration.

Une Muse.

The Pompidou was a completely different event in its own right. As we took that long escalator ride to the top, our senses were bombarded with a number of different noises. When I looked out the window, I could slowly see myself climbing above the Paris skyline, while heavy throated chanting filled my ears. I tend to have a positive association with this kind of chanting (I listened to a lot when working on thesis), but the combination of heights mixed with the bellowing volume of the chants made me a little uneasy. It was a strange mixture of responses. 

Oh Pompidou. You so cray-zay.

Riding on one of the escalators!

I loved the Pompidou center, though. I will definitely be making another trip when I have more time. I am enthralled and amused by this building, and the interior is just as interesting. I would love to spend another good hour or two looking at more of the art inside. 

A view of Paris from the top of the building. There was definitely a storm a-brewin'. 

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