Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 8 : House of glass

So this is the famous house of glass degined by Pierre Chareau. Steel colums and beams are the main structure of the house. Built for the weathy Bernhein family.The glass block in the front that is in the picture is not the oringial it was replaced in the late 50's, there is oringial glass in back of the house and when you look at both of them and compare they have completey different characters, they feel really different. Unfortunately we could not take photos inside, but Pierre was heavly influcde by the japanese, for such things as the slideing doors so he made parts in the house with alot of movable parts, its been called "the Machine for Living". The one thing I found to be very interesting was that one of the stairs steps are removable so they can be cleaned, which I think is a really smart idea especially because Mr. Bernhein was a doctor.

Here are some drawings of the outside front, I really enjoy the circles in the windows and how much light it lets in without being see through.

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