Friday, June 3, 2011

Cubism to Purism

Adolf Loos House- 1870-1933

There could be a piece of steel frame in the cement, because the cement is to heavy. The concrete beam in the structure was used for decoration.

Glass block windows?

Surrounding brick on the side of house exposed.

Tall fenced in garden on top.

The neighborhood that this house was in was very quaint, but the Adolf Loos house seemed very different. Almost unattractive compared to all the houses surrounding it.
The structure
The Brick exposed
Not a whole lot of character to it. Plain and ugly
The trees surrounding this house are starting to take over so the trees could be taking over
the beauty of the house. Not sure though. Hard to read.


  1. Purism to cubism??? those blocks look a bit too cubist to me, its because they were cheap! oh the martyr artist <3!

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