Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pompidou Museum

Pablo Picasso- La Pisseuse, 1965

La Pisseuse means, "The Sharpshooter"

Placed in a rectangle room.
6 entry ways.
Every entry way you look at you can see out of into another room and
The lighting comes from ab
ove on the walls. Its not theater lighting. The light is actually in placed in the wall and reflects off the angled ceiling, which then lights the painting below.
Thick brush strokes.
Proportions are not to scale.
Cool colors
The only warm colors that are in the painting are on the nipples, toes and streak across arm.

He added water to a lot of the paint throughout his painting. This created the colors to blend together in a blotchy technique. I think this added nicely to the painting because it went along with the water in the background and the whole idea of this man being a sharpshooter.

3 layered background
-he separation of the different parts and the blending of the colors with the extra water in the painted allowed the man to POP more in the painting.

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