Saturday, June 4, 2011

Le Corbusier....COLOR?

Maison La Roche:

I cant believe it!! From all of the photos I have seen this architect's work from were normally always black and white. Obviously, from the exterior you have a white box. From his readings I feel as though he is all about NO ornamentation, NO color, NO fun with form, Just structure and what is necessary for practical reason.

I was SHOCKED to walk into a white box and see curves, and MANY different colors. I don't even mean just natural colors either; Bright, Bold, exciting colors and in each room. I am just shocked! It wasn't unusual for me either because I LOVE color! That is normally how I do my houses that I design. I just absolutely LOVED it! I personally would definitely take that space and fill it up with vintage items and antiques mixed with modern. Of course, also art as they did before when it was a bachelor pad.

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