Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 11 Pompidou!!!! Expression!!!!

Expression (1971) is a video by Jean - Pierre Bertrand running 16 mintues long. There are lines on the camera, the man reacts to the different marks that line up to different expressions. The time gradually speeds up, making the expressions more intense and fleeting. The three emotions are Happy, frown, and netural. The faces become more extreme over time, while still being those three basic expressions.

The room that this piece is set in is the most important aspect of the piece, its the way its set in and around the room. There are two open doors into the room which are across from each other, the benchs are placed in the back of the room so whoever walks in the room becomes part of the space. While the video holds its own as a piece the response from the people who walk across the room become a whole other art piece like a performance piece. The middle area between the stage and the benches becomes a stage where these who enter become art themeves, its like two pieces in one.

The door ways,a straight shot.

 The best part were other peoples experssions and seeing how nervous they were when they didn't know where to go. Because there were to options they either sat on the benches or left the room.

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