Sunday, June 5, 2011

Post 1 of 2 Pompidou

I chose three pieces from the Pompidou to talk about relation to one another. #1: the piece of furniture and the painting. After analyzing this one alone in its own space I found that the curator gave this piece a nice pin-wheel pattern. The center being the black square in the painting and the outer being the piece of furniture and the white wall to the right corner of the wall. Nicely done I have to say. How low the pieces are in relation to the floor and ceiling. It carries your eye nicely across the corner to the next wall. That is what lead me to the painting in opposite kiddy-corner across the room.
This piece the way the contrast of the black and white really caught my eye! I love the classic black and white. I walked across the room to look at this piece. Wonderful heavy thick brush strokes. Again, though, wonderful job curator! The angled line leading your eye up and across the corner of the wall to the next piece on the next wall which lines up with the grid of picture frames in the next piece. Not only that, the two being on separate walls, both start at the same level up from the floor. So here my second and third piece have two lines that lead your eye to my third piece. Nicely done! Stay tuned for Post 2 of 2 Pompidou to see pictures and my observations about my third piece in the room.

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