Monday, June 6, 2011


Modern Paris.... I have to say I am impressed and have respect for this new building type but for personal taste it just isn't me. I am more of the "aged" design with splashes of modern.

Dislikes: AURA-less . Cold . no ornamentation . too much steel . too much cement . not a lot of humanizing characters . Uncomfortable . exposed structure . The Bibliotheque was up so high to say it is better than everything else (too good to even reflect the city, it was mostly reflecting itself) . I hated the caged plants . I love community and togetherness and this building felt like it wanted to be ALONE.

Likes: In Frank Gehry's the organic movements . In the Bibliotheque, D. Perrault's, the fact that it is MONUMENTAL and built to hold books! I love books! I feel like we're loosing our connection with books until I saw this building . Glass, I love lots of windows and natural light . The reflections in the glass . The fact that there is some greenery to pull real nature .

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