Wednesday, June 1, 2011

William Bouguereau's Dante and Virgile

Location in museum 

Ops I snuck a photo!!!!

What a pinwheel painting

The two men in the foreground are are the main characters on display in this painting. There are three men in the middle ground and about 8 people in the background.  the two men in the foreground are contorted in a draping intwined struggle for life and death, blood running from the tips of fingernails, the kissing tare of the throat, Ripping of red Demond hair, and the breaking twist of an arm. The three men are the representatives of Dante and virgile traveling threw hell, and at there feet is a dyeing man. The human forms in the background are thriving, tortured soles that are waiting to be sent into the flames of a deeper hell. This is a very homo-arotick painting for a few reasons.  The first would be the biting kiss on the neck and the view of the Demond devil viewing from above, ready for persecution. The second is the writhing man who manhood is place so particularly right towards the bum of the tortured soul in front of him.  William Bouguereau creates some of the most beautiful paintings of fabric like human forms and they are all so intensely sexual once again for the relation and connection of what humans thrust the most.   

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