Monday, May 30, 2011

WHO Decides?

As we walked into Saint Chapelle I understand that the King had this building built to worship the relic of Jesus's Crown of thorns but who chose the colors? Decided the patterning on the walls, flooring, and ceiling. Even the structure set up? I would like to do a little research on this because as soon as I walked into this building it wasn't what I expected. I very much enjoyed it! Lots of color, texture, and mixed patterns. BEAUTIFUL glass and light as well. Now I would assume the King comes up with a plan or idea and maybe designers of the time come in and then execute his plan? Anyone know? If that is true well then it is a lot like today with designer and client ;). Notice in my pictures the detail of patterning and points meeting up with others, all the select colors and placement of tile VS columns... Don't you think the King being "KING" wouldn't have time to think about such things?

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