Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 2

May 27, 2011

©Laura Hughes

Where we went: Bibliotheque Nationale, and The Notre Dame.

At the Bibliotheque Nationale, a small group of us had the fortune to see rare photographic prints of French based Photographers Eugene Atget, Gustave Le Gray, and Félix Nadar. Being a Photography Major, Printing Processes have always been of major interest to me in

expanding my artistic repertoire. These prints were amazing. The tonalities of each print were so rich and contrasted, and the compositions were extraordinary.

The other place we went to was Notre Dame. The scale of the Notre Dame is incredible. It is breathtakingly beautiful and so overwhelmingly large. What really interested me was the intricacy of every single detail. Even the far to see areas are extremely detailed. With the Photographic prints, even with such a new technology at the time, the sheer amount of detail in them is amazing. So from a micro scale like the Notre Dame, and a Macro scale like the Photographic prints, the detail is what I find most intriguing.

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