Friday, May 27, 2011


Earlier in the morning Eric had told us to think about what made the Church "God Like"?
Notice I have two pictures up to show you how I felt. I have many more but I don't want to clog up our blog. The one a top is a photo of one of the major columns in the Notre Dame: as seen here there is a long way to the top. Very Vertical building. EVERYTHING Pointing to the sky (GOD). In the picture below as you see the doors the are very large. At human scale in this space I am sure that this church with its enormous verticality you as a human feel like an ant.

Other things that I wrote down through out the day in my journal:
  • Gothic arches_Reaching/Pointing to the sky (GOD)
  • Really long never ending columns
  • Trinity (3) everything (The father, the son, the holy Ghost)
  • Biblical stories told through painting, structure, sculpture, and stained glass
  • Symmetry (in general most is symmetrical/ I will save this topic for another blog)
  • The tile is on a 45% angle to 1-make space look bigger 2- point you in the direction towards the alter (GOD)

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