Sunday, May 29, 2011

mirror mirror on the wall...

The main palace in Versaille was extremely crowded, I could barely appreciate anything. It was too overwhelming and I began to feel like I saw the same room over and over... Until the mirror hallway.

This wide hallway has the entrance and exit to the kings chamber. Its was filled with chandeliers that hung low from the painted ceiling and on the walls... Mirrors! The reflection and lighting of this hallway was majestic. The area that we walked on before reaching this hallway was a bit somber and dark then we encounter light at its fullest before entering the kings room. I think this is speaking back to the idea that the king is a a divine being. We see his divine light in the space outside his room before entering the more intimate space of were he lays.

Mirror Mirror on the wall who's the fieriest of them all?

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