Friday, May 27, 2011

Mr. Eiffel

Day 1 comes along and we head to Cite de l'architecture et du patrimoine, a Museum French architecture located by the Trocadero stop. We head out of the metro and there it is a beautiful monumental building. We follow Eric Vogel to what I believe is the entrance... Oh no it was the view from the plaza of the Museum, all of a sudden... There it was the Eiffel tower.

gasp... gasp... gasp...

Such a surreal experience to see it for the first time and the distance between me and the tower did not allow me to grasp the real monstrosity of it. Comparing your scale to the Museum of Architecture and having it so close by gave me a context of the real size but it was still not tangible and I believe it will not sink in until I physically stand underneath it.

From within the museum u could see the Eiffel tower from every window you looked out from. Here the Scale of it seemed to grow because we didn't have the openness and comparison to the sky. The windows framed the view of it placing if inside a smaller context making the subject an even more monumental one.

Once again... gasp!!!

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