Monday, May 30, 2011

ok I really liked when we were talking this morning about having an ah-ha moment and i just had to post this because i freaked out when i found this. it was right at the end of my time with the piece so i want able to diagram it really. and it will be better with the pictures.

my moment was when Looked under the table one last time and saw these tracks which is how the table slides together. and then it clicked that all three parts will move at the same time.

so you would basically walk up to this super awesome oval table, unlock the chair with your super sweet Italian key and then once you were seated you would pull the handles toward your self and the table would split in half and the box that you can see in the other picture will rise up out of the table automatically.

i was freaking out when this clicked for me. and wow what an amazing piece of furniture.

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