Monday, May 30, 2011

After the Split

So after we broke off into groups, Team Eric went up to the top of the Pantheon. It was an incredible view from the second floor balconies to look down at the expanse we had been looking at all after noon. The best was yet to come when we came out onto the outside balcony and viewed the Paris skyline. It was well worth the windings steps, which weren't real bad actually. After a quick bite to eat, we walked around for a while, looking in shops and meandering through the streets. We eventually came across the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts! We quickly began comparing it to MIAD. Here is the list I came up with...
-Old Building
-Smells like paint
-Located in a higher class neighborhood.
-Near a river.
-Has many high end restaurants and shops all around.
-It's falling into disrepair.
-Graffiti in the hallways.
-Main common area was fresh and new.
-There were smokers outside.

We had a good laugh about these similarities, although there was no ugly turquoise in
sight. The things that it does have going for it, besides all the famous people who have attended it, is well it is in Paris!!! And also it has high esteem throughout the world.
My most favorite part was its proximity to the Seine, and a bridge lines up perfectly with the street the school is on, and it was just swarming with groups of people sitting on the ground eating and laughing! Eric commented that that is how our river walk should be. Also, all the locks were on that bridge, giving the space this kitschy colorful look. I think
we should utilize the river walk like these Parisians were using the bridge, and also start a love locking movement on our part of the river walk! Then it will be like we brought Paris home with us.

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