Sunday, May 29, 2011

Louis Louis, where for art tho louis?

I cant quite put my finger on why i feel this way but the very second that i saw this tower i immediately thought of Romeo and juliet. I just pictured Marie on the top of the tower calling down to Louis and the two of them just having a gay old time in the play village, even thought history suggests that the two of them did not spend much romantic time together. let alone flirting around the L'Hameau. I did enjoy the thought because thats pretty much what i would do if i had my own village. signs on the building noted that the building was for dairy, did not see what the tower had to do with that. any thoughts??
It just felt like a very romantic spot in general. so calm, relaxing, and personal. this has to be the reason that i thought of romeo and juliet. I can see why Marie Antoinette called this her get away and after seeing Versailles I can see why she needed one.

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