Friday, May 27, 2011

Trio-Palais du Justice

Day I
Cite De L'architecture & Du Patrimione, Eiffel Tower, & 19th Arr.
Our First class day together was fantastic. We managed to get quite a bit done and it was a bit overwhelming at first but also jaw dropping.
From walking around our new home for the next two weeks to taking the metro together to Trocadero to see architecture both inside Cite De L'architecture & Du Patrimione and out, to the splender of the Eiffel Tower my mind was racing.

How do I explain the scale of things to someone who has never seen these things?
The Poitiers that I have selected above are life size. They sit on the front of the Palais du Justice and it looks as though they plucked them right off of the building hung them on the wall.
For me, the deep red walls helped to make the casts pop off the walls and allow the details to really come out.

Here is an example of scale...

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