Friday, May 27, 2011

Paris Day 2-Notre Dame and The Streets

WOW! Day 2 was even better than day 1. Today was a full day, but wasn't 100% structured. I walked around in the morning with my group to get our feet on the ground and familiarize our selves with the 19th arrondissement, where we are staying. Not a tourist place at all, which is really good because it isn't overwhelming. We can go have fun during the day and we are able to come back to the hostel and RELAX.

The whole group went to the de l'architecture & du patrimoine. AMAZING combination of Gothic style and Romanesk ( I may of made up this word, not sure. haha ) style. You would enter one room and the walls were 40 feet then to the next room with a completely different style and the walls were only 2o feet. I believe they structured it this way because they wanted the human eye to be able to go back and forth and compare and contrast the different styles that were both very important during their eras.

The best surprise of the day was walking around the building and seeing the Eiffel Tower SO CLOSE to where we were standing. Breathtaking structure with so much history built into its steel frame.

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