Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Palace

Versailles, what an incredible place, I mean palace. I loved how that even today, it gave me the feeling as if I were strolling through the landscape as a guest of the royals. Perhaps it was the music, or maybe just the grandeur of it all, but I felt privileged to be there, none the less. But the part that truly spoke to me was l'Hamlet. As Ashley, Emily, Jenny, and I came out of the Petit Trianon, there was just a bit of roof line that boasted above the trees. As we began walking down the winding foot paths, discussing what it must have been like to live on these grounds, we soon came upon the first sight of the farm. Immediately, I knew I was in heaven. The assembly of different materials mixed with many different roof lines created the perfect setting of quaint French country houses I have ever dreamed to see. The hatched roof with blooming iris' growingamongst the eaves, the manicured gardens all neat in little rows, the potted plants tucked into nooks and on steps, ah it all just felt so quaint and familiar!! Jenny and I decided we were going to live here. I don't know what attracted me the most, perhaps the feeling thatI had just mistakenly stepped into someones backyard, only to catch them not at home, and that feeling that it was a home, not just a house. Ah, it was love at first sight.

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