Sunday, May 29, 2011

La Vierge au chancelier rolin

Presenting The Virgin of Chancellor Rolin, a painting commissioned by Nicolas Rolin (1376/1380–1462), he is seen worshiping the Infant Jesus, who blesses him. Mary is seated with christ on her lap and is being crowned queen of heaven by her royal crown, which is carried by angels. There is an imaginary, idealized landscape and architecture. everything placed in this imaginay space has purpose and meaning, right down to the color of their cloths, for intance the red mary wears symbolizes sacrafice for shadowing her sons death.

Ten mintue drawing. 

So this was the floor plan for the room the painting was held in.


 I hated the wall this painting was on it was a shade of green not even green would want it, it looked  unkept and had pencil ,marks all over it. the frame was also something I didn't think help the piece but the more I looked at both the more I came to terms with it.

Damn that baby look old.


I found it interesting that mary and the angel have the same face.

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